• Kenwarth Peterbilt

    “This is a MUST–HAVE for trucks dealers. Our branded dealer app & geofencing solution has helped us to literally 10x our monthly sales by generating more leads and converting more buyers to customers. Prior to Truckmore, we were selling 10 trucks per month. After two years, our two locations are consistently selling 100+ trucks per month.”

    Mike Linder, General Manager, Ohio Truck Group
  • Kyrish Truck Centers

    “We’re excited to work with Truckmore on evolving our digital transformation initiatives for fleets and small customer strategy. The joint solution helps us to improve customer uptime by providing our customers with a seamless service request and communications tool that easily integrates into our company website, mobile app and customer portal.”

    Duane Kyrish, President, Kyrish Truck Centers
  • Team Truck Centers

    “We chose Truckmore to help up us generate more sales leads and increase revenues in our truck, F&I, service, and parts operations. Customers and shoppers are now able to shop, value their trade, book a test drive, redeem service & parts offers, order parts, schedule service and engage our staff directly through our mobile app.”

    Rob O’Dowda, Principal, TEAM Truck Centres
  • Carolina International Trucks

    “Downtime for our fleet customers translates to dollars. With Truckmore and International 360, easy service scheduling and real-time communications between our customers and our service centers ensure that fleets are more efficient and on the road faster.”

    Jason Hanson, Vice President Fixed Operations, Carolina International Trucks
  • Four Star Freightliner

    “This is a GAME CHANGER! Truckmore is helping us to increase customer acquisition and improve service retention. Our geofencing solution alerts us when prospects are visiting our competitors’ sales, service and parts locations. With this insight, we’re able to engage them at the right time and convert them into customers.”

    Amanda Granger, Marketing Manager, Four Star Freightliner
  • Bluegrass International Trucks

    “Our customers have a single, easy-to-use tool that improves visibility throughout the service process. With International 360 and Truckmore, we’re delivering a unified fleet management and service communications platform that simplifies service requests, service communications, and fleet asset management.”

    Woody Deters, Dealer Principal, Bluegrass International Trucks
  • Allegince trucks

    “We chose Truckmore to help up us better engage our customers and shoppers directly through their smartphone. We’re delivering a superior customer experience by helping our customers to easily shop, order parts, schedule service and redeem parts & service specials directly through our branded mobile app.”

    Brandon Cade, Marketing Manager, Allegiance Trucks
  • Beltway Companies

    “Our Beltway truck group app is helping us to sell more inventory, services and parts by better engaging with our customers directly through their smartphone. We are more effective in sending targeted mobile offers that are relevant to our customers’ buying cycle which is resulting in an increase in lot visits, service appointments, parts sales and customer spend.”

    Derrick Woolfson, Director Business Development, Beltway Companies
  • Peterbilt Pacific

    “We are excited to take our customer acquisition and service retention to the next level. Our personalized dealer mobile app helps us to better connect with our customers and prospects, and is key to growing customer loyalty and service retention across our family of dealerships.”

    Michael Aoki, Director Parts & Service, Peterbilt Pacific
  • Graham International

    “Our fleet customers have a fast and easy solution for online service requests, communications and estimate approvals. Our customers have the choice to use their smartphone, tablet or computer to schedule a service appointment, communicate with our dealer service center for up-to-date repair status, and enjoy a best-in-class ownership experience.”

    Brett Graham, President, Graham International
  • Floyd's Truck Center

    “We use geofencing to help drive additional foot traffic to our showrooms and service area. We know exactly when a potential buyer visits our competitors and have the opportunity to reach out to them in a timely manner before they purchase from another dealership.”

    Mark Felker, Director Marketing, Floyd’s Truck Center
  • North American Truck & Trailer

    “Our truck dealer app helps us to exceed our monthly sales & service targets! We’re generating more leads, increasing pre-orders, and driving more service appointments with automated service reminders, targeted geofencing and loyalty rewards.”

    Brandon Slama, Marketing Manager, North American Truck & Trailer
  • Dawson Truck Centres

    “Dawson Truck Centres chose Truckmore to help up us better engage our customers and shoppers directly through their smartphone. We’re delivering an enhanced customer experience by helping our customers to easily shop, order parts, schedule service and redeem offers directly through our branded mobile app.”

    Cheryl Thomas, Marketing, Dawson Truck Centres
  • Excel Truck Group

    “We’re increasing customer satisfaction by delivering engaging customer experiences directly through their smartphones. Our truck dealer app helps us to attract, retain and grow customer relationships throughout their customer journey with Excel Truck Group.”

    Scott Duvall, Marketing Manager, Excel Truck Group