February 20, 2019


Ohio Truck Group Teams Up with Truckmore to Sell and Service More Trucks

Ohio Truck Group Outpaces the Local Competition by Better Connecting with Shoppers and Customers

Truckmore, a leader in mobile dealer app and geofencing solutions for truck groups and dealerships, announced today that it has partnered with Ohio Truck Group to help sell and service more trucks with a branded mobile dealer app. Within the past eighteen months of the app launch, inventory views have increased to over 200,000 and sales call volumes have grown by 400%.

Customers and potential buyers download the free Ohio Trucks Sales app to their smartphone, providing a personalized customer and shopper experience with targeted notifications, geofencing, inventory browsing, test drive scheduling, quick and easy financing, mobile offers, customer referral programs and digital loyalty rewards, to name a few. The hosted mobile platform delivers greater efficiency and improved results in acquiring, managing, and retaining customers.

“Truckmore has boosted our inventory views by over 200,000 over the past year which has helped us to drive more sales growth. Each time I post a new listing, our daily sales call volumes triple,” said Mike Linder, Marketing Manager, Ohio Trucks Sales. “Our success is enhanced by a unique geofencing retention feature which lets us know exactly when potential buyers visit our competitors and gives us the opportunity to reach out to them, provide better options, and win the sale.”

“In today’s connected world where everyone has a smartphone, dealerships that embrace a mobile strategy that engages customers at every stage of their buying journey and ownership lifecycle will increase truck sales, improve retention and drive store-wide profitability,” said Tony della Busa, President & CEO, Truckmore. “We are excited to work with progressive leaders like Ohio Trucks and help them deliver the high-quality mobile experience their customers have come to expect over the years.”

Sell More. Service More. Truckmore.

Truckmore empowers truck groups and dealerships to attract and retain customers throughout their buying and ownership lifecycle. The  mobile app service gives dealerships a competitive advantage by leveraging location-based mobile technology to enable sales and service staff to engage customers and shoppers’ smartphones based on proximity to the dealership property, as well as, their competitors’ property. Real-time, personalized mobile engagement helps dealerships to connect with potential buyers during critical stages in their shopping journey and convert them to customers. What’s more, advanced mobile communications enables dealerships to engage and retain customers throughout their ownership lifecycle, resulting in fostering long-term relationships and storewide profitability.

About Truckmore

Truckmore helps truck groups and dealerships to sell and service more trucks. With the power of mobility services, Truckmore helps dealerships to sell more trucks, increase monthly service appointments, drive store-wide profitability, and enhance the buyer & customer experience. Sell More. Service More. Truckmore. –– www.truckmore.com

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